Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Red Twins Babies 5 and 6!

"My tummy may be getting bigger but it doesn't stop me from playing in the sprinklers with my kids!"

"Oh no contraction have started I better get to the hospital!"

This is baby 5 Lexie Mason she got her fathers skin!

And this is her twin baby 6 Mia Mason she also has red skin though hers is a bit lighter then her sisters.

It was time for the twins birthday Stephan wasn't able to make it today. Happy Birthday Tanya and Sydney.

Sydney has mommies hair and light brown eyes.

Tanya Has daddies hair color and dark brown eyes like her daddy.

It's nice to have such a great kid like Abby who helps me around the house she does everything from fixing broken sinks to teaching the toddlers there basic skills needed.
Adair loves to play with his little sisters and teach them how to play with the doll house and not to eat the people.

Sydney loves the xylophone she spends hours playing it.

Abby is a very artistic person she spends all her spare time painting. This is her most recent painting's. She hopes to one day become a famous artist.

Today I spent some quality time with Abby because today is her birthday and she will be leaving home. I'm worried about her living on her own but she says she will be just fine. And with her artistic talents she will make it big.
Abby was very excited for her birthday but wonders how life will be when she is on her own.

Abby grew into a beautiful young adult and ready to face the world on her own. Download her at

"Thanks mom for this great party!" Your welcome and you deserve it with all the hard work you do and helping me with the kids. I'm just sad that its already time for you to go my first baby is moving out. "I know but I will visit all the time and come see all my new brothers and sister.

Abby got dressed and packed her stuff to move to her new home. "I can't believe im actually moving in on my own, mom said I would love the house that she found." But before Abby leaves she will stay to celebrate Adair turning into a teenager.

Adair took a few moments to think of his birthday wish before blowing out his candles.

Adair as a teenager still looks just like me with my hair color and eye color. Though I really was sad that he didn't inherit his dads yellow cat like eyes.
It was time for Abby to go but she said first she wanted to spend a little quality time with Sydney and Tanya. She played the xylophone with Tanya for awhile.
Sydney wanted to play airplane so Abby tossed her in the air and flew her all around the room.
But sadly the day was coming to a end and Abby had to go. I called her a cab and told the cab driver where to go Abby hasn't seen the place yet. But I know she will love it! I spent some of my saving to get her some decent furniture, but as I told her im saving up for a new home myself and she will be responsible for the payments on the house. She assured me she would be fine as her paitings bring in lots of money and she has been saving.
When Abby arrived she couldn't keep from smiling the house was nice and wished her mom was here so she could thank her.

Mean while Adair is trying out his new treadmill that he begged and begged me for since he was a child.

Though he is a athletic person he still tripped over himself several times while running.

After which he wanted to race around the house taunting me "Haha I can run faster then you!" He was pretty fast but can you blame me I have 6 children and haven't been working out.

I saw Adair this morning checking him self out in the mirror and then oddly started making strange face.
I'm not sure what he was trying to do but I got a good laugh out of it!
I spent all morning tending my garden while Adair watched the girls I hadn't been playing much attention to it, so I spent hours on it today.
Thats when I met Hank Green and his name fit him well because, well he is very green indeed. He has gorgeous bright red eyes and has multi-colored hair. I could just see or babies now...... Well I need to talk to him of course but a girl can dream right?
 "Hi are you Faith mason the mother of the 100 baby challenge?"
I was shocked that he knew who I was but figured since he was next door Aron and Bradley told him.
Yes I am Faith im surprised you know who I am.
"Well I have known your neighbor Aron for along time he told me about you. You see many girls don't talk to me due to my green skin, and I have always wanted children but they don't want the chance that there child will be green. They fear they will be picked on for having green skin. Aron knowing my situation called me and told me you don't care what color we are, that you like your children to be unique and different.
Yes I do like the father to be unique so that there is a chance that the kids are unique. You see I already have to twin girls that have red skin and im very excited to see what they look like are they get older.
"Great! I was wondering if you were in need of your next father, im very eager to have a child and willing to participate in your challenge."
Well im happy to help you be the father you have always wanted to be, I was actually going to start the search for a new father.
He was so excited to finally have the chance to have children he picked me up and started to carry me to my room.

After making out for a little bit baby 7 was on its way!
After baby 7 was conceived we cuddled on the bed. He said thank you more times then I can count but he was very sweet. But I still don't inderstand why any women would not want a child with him he has a gorgeous body and is well so unique! I guess it's just me though I have a thing for men who differ from the rest of us.
The next morning I went out to play for tips with all the kids in the house I haven't had much time, but Adair assured me that he could handle it. I really needed to make some money as I am still saving for a bigger house.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Pink Bundles Baby's 3 and 4

"Well I better start teaching Adair the basic's baby 3 will be here anyday now!"

"Today is Abby's first day of school I hope she does ok."

Abby loves to play with her little brother they are realy close.

She also is always cleaning it's great to have a child that loves to help her mom out around the house.

"Abby didnt know how to react to me giving birth and everything happened so fast I couldn't go to the hospital this time either. OOOOHHHHH OOOUUCCHH!!!!"

AHHHH!!! What do I do? What do I do?!!!

Not red skined like I wanted but this is Sydney Mason.
This is Tanya Mason not red either looks more like a deep red brown color guess will have to wait and see.

Stephen came over to see his twin girls he was sad that they didn't have red skin. Download Stephen Todd at

Now that I had twins the house is getting really packed. It's just too small for all of us I need to make some serious money so I can get a bigger place.

So I made my way down to Central Park to play for tips with my guitar hopeing to bring home some decent cash.

Not a lot of people here tonight but I did make $340.

Abby  doesn't like doing homework but knows she has to get good grades so far she has a B in school.

Before continuing with the challenge I decided to spend some time with my kids and work hard to get the money needed for a new house. So off to Central Park I go.

Happy Birthday Abby! Can't believe my first child is about to become a teenager!

Abby as a teenager has her dads squinty eyes but took mostly after her mom.

I started teaching Abby how to garden. Mom I want a garden like yours one day so I want to help you when I can. "Aww thanks and I always need help this garden is getting bigger and bigger and takes so long to harvest and weed everything.

Bradley came over to the house to celebrate Adair ageing up to a child.

Adair as a child has mommies hair and blue eyes.

I found some nice gems in the field behind my house I started turning them in for some money.

"OH yeah much better my hairs was just to long and in the way the kids kept pulling on it, so glad I decided to put it up."

Stephan had invited me over he had some he wanted me to meet. His brother Owen was in town for awhile and he thought that id be interested in asking him to be a father. When I got there I saw a guy who had red skin purple hair and eyes.

"Hi im Faith mother of the 100 baby challenge." Hi Faith nice to meet you im Owen my brother told me you were doing the challenge, he said you were excited that his kids might have red skin but they didn't. "Yeah I really wanted a red baby but they look more like me." Well I came to town today hopeing that you need another father and since im also red maybe the kids will have red skin this time.

"Wait you came to town just to be a father in my challenge?" Yeah I have been wanting a kid just can't find the right girl and he said it's no strings attached and everything, so I thought hey why not. "Wow yeah im always looking for new fathers how long are you in town for?" Just a few day have to get back to work soon. "Ok well can I call you when everything is ready?" Yeah sounds great.

Because he was only in town for a few days I had to move quick and finish expanding the kids room.

I invited Owen over the next day I was so happy that I leaped into his arms. "Thank you thank you this means so much to me that you are willing to do this!" Ha ha you welcome.
He then gave me a big kiss! So where we doing this at all your kids are here? "Oh its fine ill lock the door Abby will watch over the little ones."

I brought Owen to the room and we got straight to business.
OOPS!! No lullaby!

Yeah there's that famous lullaby!

Wow im exhausted I better get some sleep thanks for letting me a part of this. I hope everything goes great and ill try to come into town to see the little guy when I can. "No thank you for wanting to be apart of this and ill call you after I have the baby." Thanks again and good luck Faith.